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Breast Augmentation

For hundreds of thousands of women a year, a breast augmentation can help boost self confidence, reconstruct breasts damaged by surgery or tumor removal, and correct asymmetrical breasts. Of course, the most common reason that women seek breast implants is for cosmetic purposes; they are unhappy with their appearance for one reason or another and want an enhancement to help them look and feel better. 

For each woman the desired surgical results are going to be different.  Some may want minor alterations, while others seek a drastic change, and that isn't just size; shape is a major consideration as well.  For this reason it is important that patients are as educated as possible going into surgery.  Consultations with the operating physician play an important role in ensuring surgical success.

How It's Done

There are many different types of implants and techniques available for women seeking breast augmentation; therefore surgery will be different from case to case.  The one thing that they have in common, however, is that they are performed under general anesthesia, or, in rare cases, local anesthesia with a heavy sedative, and can be performed as an outpatient procedure or in a hospital as an inpatient procedure.  Surgery can last between 1 and 2 hours.

The basics of the surgery is this: the physician will make an incision, position the implant into the desired placement, and then stitch together the skin where the incision was made.  There are three variables that can determine the results and success of surgery: type of implant, site of incision and placement of implant.


Types of Implants

All implants used today are made of a silicone shell with either a saline or silicone filling.  The use of silicone filled implants, which has been around since the early 60's, was banned in 1992 by the FDA until further information could be obtained.  Silicone gel-filled implants, however, may still be used for reconstruction or to replace silicone implants in women that have already had them.  These implants are also available as part of an FDA study, and may be used in women willing to participate in the study.  It is widely expected that silicone gel-filled implants will once again be made available by the FDA.

Incision Sites

There are four places on the body in which an incision can be made for implant insertion. They are:

  • At the areola
  • On the lower crease of the breast
  • Through the belly button
  • Through the armpit

Different physicians prefer different techniques.  It is important to discuss with your surgeon which option they prefer and why.  Silicone implants come pre-filled and therefore cannot be inserted through the belly button or armpit.

Am I A Candidate?

Women who wish to have breast implants for cosmetic purposes must be at least 18.  Patients are usually dissatisfied with small, sagging, or asymmetrical breasts.  Candidates should be in good health and not currently pregnant or breast-feeding.


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