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Fraxel® Laser

Fraxel® Laser Treatment is a safe, non-invasive procedure that allows you to rediscover the fresh, healthy skin of your youth. There is simply nothing else like it for improving the appearance of your skin and giving you a renewed sense of confidence.
Benefits of Fraxel® Laser Treatment:

       * Improve texture tone and pore size
       * Erase unwanted brown spots
       * Smooth wrinkles around the eyes and acne scars
       * Rejuvenate your neck, chest and hands
       * Minimal downtime

Fraxel® Laser Treatment is designed to target aging and damaged skin by creating microscopic "wounds" within the targeted areas that penetrate well beneath the skin's outermost layer. In this way, Fraxel® Laser treatments trigger the body's own natural production of new collagen and skin cells. And because Fraxel® Laser Treatment combines the impact of ablative lasers with the gentleness of non-ablative lasers, healing occurs so quickly that there is very little downtime for patients.
After several years of studies and mounting evidence of the Fraxel® Laser's safety and effectiveness, the FDA has cleared this unique new laser to treat the following conditions:

Acne Scars
Age Spots/Brown Spots
Melasma (Mask of Pregnancy)
Wrinkles Around The Eyes


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