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Thigh, Leg, Ankle LipoSculpture

Thigh / Leg LipoSculpture

Liposculpture can give you the shapelier thighs and legs you have not been able to achieve with diet and exercise. The shape of the legs is largely determined by genetics, so even relatively slender persons may have areas of undesired fat on their inner and outer thighs. Liposculpture permanently removes inner and outer thigh fat and stimulates skin tightening, giving the legs a youthful, tighter look and feel. Thigh liposculpture can safely decrease thigh rubbing, shrink saddlebags, and reduce the overall circumference of the thighs and legs. The procedure takes less than two hours and recovery is quick. Patients are able to continue with light to moderate activities the same day


Thigh / Leg before & after
Sample photo of Smartlipo

Ankle LipoSculpture

It is possible to do SmartLipo on the calf/ankle area but our consultants would have to see and assess the area before making any commitments about whether the procedure can be done. Simply schedule a complimentary (free) consultation so that we can look at the area and decide the best treatment option.



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